Tai Fenix Kulystin, MA, CSB – Host & High Priest/ess

teachingTai (who uses they/them pronouns) is an identity and intimacy coach, embodiment educator, sacred sexuality practitioner and guide, priest/ess, and ritual artist. They have been facilitating classes, workshops, and sacred sexuality temples around the Pacific Northwest since 2011 and writing online about gender and sexuality since 2007.

They hold a Master’s degree in Sacred Erotic Psychology from Antioch University Seattle. Their degree and work is focused on the uniting of concepts from depth psychology, sacred sexuality, and erotic neurobiology to assist understanding of the Self through the erotic/alchemical union of the individual soul-spirit-body with others and the world.

Tai is also a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and holds undergraduate degrees in Gender Studies with an emphasis on queer and gender theory and in Psychology with an emphasis on sexual behavior. They also have a certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy from the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, attended the Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture, and Society at the University of Amsterdam, and are part of the Living Love Revolution teaching collective.

Since 2011 they have been part of putting on the Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temples, Aphrodisiacal education retreats designed as Sacred Sex Magick Rituals dedicated to the experience of Transpersonal Love. It is through this work with Aphrodite Temples and Rev. Teri D. Ciacchi’s Priestess Training Program that Tai has been able to start their own temple system. After receiving initiation as a High Priestess in the LLR system in October 2013 and co-leading temples with Teri from May 2013 to July 2016, Tai has “hived off” to create TEA. Combining what they learned during their Master’s work with Teri’s Priestess Training, they have created a unique temple system based on Erotic Alchemy that is similar to and radically different than Aphrodite Temples.

As a student and practitioner of magic and witchcraft for over half of their life, Tai has a love of bringing the sacred and ritual into all aspects of their life and work. They are an Adept in the Golden Dawn tradition of magic, a practicing Witch, a practical and erotic Alchemist, and a Ritual Artist. For the past eleven years, they have been a devotee of the Red Goddess Babalon, working with her within a queer sex magic framework dedicated to personal growth, embodiment, eroticism, kink, and much more.

They have dedicated their life, both personally and professionally, to practicing sacred sexual healing, encouraging personal spiritual and psychological growth in themselves and others, helping to foster the expansion of human consciousness, and furthering the healing of the earth.

Their coaching practice is called Embracing Pleasure: heart-centered, trauma-informed coaching, bodywork, and education for adults of all genders, sizes, relationship statuses, and sexualities who are struggling with identity, intimacy, or connection and who long to be seen. Because of their own personal identities and experiences, Tai especially understands the struggles of clients who are queer, trans, LGB+, femme, fat, kinky, non-monogamous, pagan/witchy/spiritual, geeky, or any combination of these.

Stian Kulystin – Host

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