The intention of the Temple of Erotic Alchemy (TEA) is to give you the healing tools to support your own transformation within the communal erotic magical container of the final weekend, and the rest of your life.

The first two weekends are instructional-based (and include homework during the weeks in between) to give you many of the tools you may need. The final weekend is an overnight sacred erotic ritual retreat designed to give you the opportunity to use those tools, or others in your toolbox, to assist your own erotic healing and transformation.

What in you has been ignored? What in you has been disconnected? What in you yearns to be recognized? How can we support you and your growth?

TEA is open to people of all genders, sexualities, bodies, relationship configurations, ethnicities, abilities, etc.

Within TEA we approach every relationship as sacred, every person (including ourselves) as someone worthy of love and belonging, and sexuality as sacred and healing.

TEA is unapologetically and radically queer, trans-inclusive, consent-based, sex-positive, feminist, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, kink-knowledgeable, and poly-normative in our values. We recognize these are ideals to continuously strive toward and desire to create a safer space based upon these ideals. We also recognize we may fall short of these ideals and will always welcome feedback on how we can do better.

Erotic Alchemy utilizes the processes of transformation found in nature to understand and encourage the unification of matter (the body), consciousness (spirit), and mystery/shadow (soul) within an explicit and intentional erotic context.

TEA is designed to create an intentional erotic container based upon consent, sovereignty, empathy, and integrity so that you may nurture, connect, and integrate your desires with the whole of who you are.

Defining Erotic

The working definition of erotic within TEA includes sexuality within it, but is also much broader than the particular act of sex. The erotic encompasses desire for growth and action as well as connection, intimacy, and sexuality.

The erotic is the energy that moves us toward becoming who we truly are and connecting with our soul’s purpose. It is what moves us toward self improvement. It is aspect of the self that desires, both desires for romantic and sexual erotic union as well as for the erotic union of soul and spirit and body and earth.

Read more about the TEA definition of erotic here.

Defining Alchemy

Often Alchemy is used simply to mean “transformation,” but it is not that simple. Alchemy is based upon nature and the natural processes of transformation that are found within it. More than that, though, it is an intentional practice designed to understand and encourage the unification of matter and consciousness. This can be practiced through lab/practical alchemy with plants, animals, or minerals; or within one’s own body (matter), soul, and spirit (consciousness).

In TEA we are specifically utilizing the formula of the three alchemical conjunctios of soul, spirit, and body, or alchemical sulfur, salt, and mercury, respectively (referred to as the three principles).

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